My friend and fellow writer Mike Danseglio said to me you can never have just one Active Directory, you have to have a minimum of two. This sparked a heated debate between what can be done versus what should be done. It is true that you can have one Active Directory, but it is equally true that you should always have a minimum of two.


The reason is simple. Active Directory is at the heart of your IT infrastructure, which secures access to your computer resources. Without Active Directory system your business ability to use their IT infrastructure will cease.


The statistics on the impact of IT failures are frightening. The United States Small Business Administration (SBA) regularly conducts research into why businesses fail. They discovered that 90% of businesses fail within two years following a disaster. In other words nine out of ten are so impacted by disasters that they are unable to recover.


Are you confident that you can recover from an Active Directory failure? Read this article from Dr. Avril Salter, "Can You Recover Active Directory from a Disaster?" where she discusses what makes a good backup, the backup capabilities of a native Active Directory system, and the tools available that could make your life easier.

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