I remember back in 2003 when Oracle initiated its hostile takeover of PeopleSoft. I heard the cries far and wide that the sky was falling and that PeopleSoft would soon be a thing of the past. PeopleSoft ERP systems as we had come to know them, would soon become Oracle Fusion. Fast forward to 2011.


PeopleSoft is still alive and well and thriving. As a matter of fact, during the course of 2010, Oracle added more than 350 net new customers. For a product with a customer base of over 10,000 that has been around the block a few times, that's impressive.


In addition to the impressive net new customer count Oracle has been able to produce, Fusion is not necessarily right around the corner. I'm sure that many of you have read or heard that Oracle isn't exactly pushing it's customers to adopt Fusion. It seems that they're taking more of a "adopt at your own pace" attitude with their customers. From what I've read, it'll be years before we start seeing any sort of significant adoption of Oracle Fusion. That's not a critique of Fusion I assure you. It's just a reality that Fusion is still many years away from being able to provide the equivalent functionality that PeopleSoft or even the Oracle EBusiness Suite can provide today. For this reason and according to an article I read on a "CIO" website, the thinking is that companies should move forward with any software projects related to PeopleSoft upgrades, implementations, and the like. In short, and as yours truly has maintained since that fateful announcement way back in 2003, PeopleSoft isn't going anywhere anytime soon. It can't. It's still the backbone of over 10,000 organizations. It's impossible (and doesn't make a whole lot of business sense) to rip and replace an application the size of PeopleSoft on which organizations have spent tens of billions of dollars and an untold number of man hours to implement, maintain, and develop.


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