ROI for an IT purchase is typically a function of the increase in revenue that the purchase generates.

Data protection ROI is a different story all together. Backup and restore systems don’t generate revenue. As a result, they are usually overlooked in any ROI purchase justifications. This misses the key benefit of backup and restore systems ─ and the point where a compelling ROI analysis can be made.

 Downtime. The biggest IT fear, and the reason backup and recovery systems exist.

Click here to learn more. It will guide you through some examples to make the ROI points of a backup and recovery system clear by using downtime calculations. But not only that, it will also run through causes of downtime and outline solutions to balance that ROI equation.

 Finally, once downtime is understood, the costs associated quantified, and the ROI clear, it will then runs through steps that can be taken to assess, plan, and execute a data protection improvement process. Let’s make the investment a success.

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