Active Administrator 7.5 will be released shortly, and it contains a number of exciting new key features that will give additional tools for administrators seeking an edge. I wanted to give a quick sneak peek of some of these new features that are on the horizon, and make you aware of the new license change*.


Certificate management

This new feature allows you to monitor and manage the certificates in your organization. You can easily view, update, export, install, and remove certificates. Certificates that are about to expire can be quickly identified, and set up automatic email notifications. If certificates are deleted by native tools, you easily can reinstall the deleted certificate.

With the Certificate Repository feature, you can easily find the certificates that are about to expire, update the certificate, and install it on selected computers.


Support for Azure Active Directory

Windows Azure Active Directory users and groups can be managed from within Active Administrator. You can reset user passwords, manage group memberships, disable users, and remove users and groups. If changes occur to Azure Active Directory, you can send an email notification to selected email recipients.


DNS management and tools

The DNS Management module offers you the ability to manage, monitor, and analyze DNS servers. You can search resource records on multiple servers and view DNS event logs.



Search for Group Policy settings

To help manage GPOs in your domains, you can search for specific GPO settings to verify the settings are correct, or to check for changes that may have been made. You can search for settings in the Live GPO, in the Repository, in GPO history, and in GPO backups.


Manage locked out accounts

For domains you choose to monitor, you can view, research, and resolve locked out accounts. You can view the reason that account is locked and locate the locked out account in Active Directory. You can choose to unlock the account or disable it.


Active Administrator 7.5 gives administrators additional tools for their admin tool belt. The new features for managing Certificates, Azure for Active Directory, DNS, GPO search, and locked accounts will save administrators a lot of time, therefore, giving them the ability to keep up with other work tasks.


*NOTE: The Certificate Management,   Azure Active Directory, and DNS Management modules each require a license in   addition to the license for Active Administrator.


For any   licensing questions regarding the new components please speak to your Account   Executive or email

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