Did you participate in yesterday's CMS Wire (@cmswire) Tweet Jam? It was a flurry of tweets about SharePoint governance, adoption, SharePoint releases, challenges for serice provides and what's awesome about SharePoint 2013. One of the five questions they possed to the community was:


  • What factors have been the most important for adoption of platforms like SharePoint?


There was a ton of great feedback from the likes of these SharePoint experts: @cmcnulty2000; @jennifermason; @mrackley and so many more wonderful experts. I don't want to steal CMS Wires thunder, so you can read all the adoption tweets on their website here; but here is a recap of some fo the best comments about adoption:


  1. train the users - they work differently than IT
  2. know who the power users are and how they work
  3. don't drastically change user work habits
  4. create killer apps to get them to SharePoint
  5. and so many more...


Reading through these tweets I see how closely they are aligned to what Chris McNulty has written about in this new whitepaper:


Proven Techniques to Speed SharePoint Adoption

IT managers are keenly aware of the investment their organizations have made in SharePoint and the many advantages it offers, including improvements in content collaboration, access to business intelligence, data security, compliance and auditing. But SharePoint adoption is lagging because users simply don’t care about all of these advantages.



Download this whitepaper now to learn the practices that lead to successful SharePoint adoption and avoid techniques that only turn users off.


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