I had the pleasure of participating in three sessions during the ZeroIMPACT Virtual Migration Day yesterday.

For those that don't know, the event is a free virtual event providing access to migration experts throughout the industry. I participate to provide information on our Notes and GroupWise migration and coexistence solutions, but experts are there to provide advice based on their experiences performing migrations. There are also resources available to help plan and manage all phases of your project.

In addition to the benefits provided to attendees, these events are invaluable to me as well. It is a perfect opportunity to simultaneously chat with multiple customers and partners planning for and/or actively working on projects. In a few hours, I am able to gather numerous ideas for improving our solutions and processes to better meet the needs of those involved in migration projects.

So, special thanks to those able to attend yesterday and watch for the next ZeroIMPACT Virtual Migration Day coming to a computer (very) near you!

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