What kind of monsters are lurking in your virtual environment?

So you’ve virtualized, but something feels eerily off. Strangely, you’re seeing expenses rise like the full moon, and your expected ROI has vanished into the night. The easy lure of setting up your virtualized environment has turned into a tangled web that seemingly no one can unravel. You’re hearing voices and seeing things as if the very infrastructure were haunted.

Well, it may very well be. Read on to see if any of the monsters below sound familiar:

Unbalanced VM density can create monsters

Ghouls. In high-density environments, virtual machines (VMs) are hungry. They compete for resources like malevolent ghouls looking for flesh. Because there are so many of them, they perform slowly, shape-shifting through your virtual environment and dragging performance down.

Vampires. On the other hand, VMs in low-density environments perform swiftly and cleanly, seducing each task into submission like a suave vampire. Unfortunately, the exquisite resources of these types of environments are underutilized, and the skillful VMs must languish for eternity, forever lonely in the darkness.

Frankenstein. Sometimes you create an oversized virtual monster. It’s huge bulk stomps through your virtual environment, consuming disk space, overloading physical memory and draining CPU. 

Forgotten VMs can create monster sprawl

Ghosts. Some VMs may have vanished from your inventory but traces of them are left, invisible to your eye, but they haunt your virtual environment like aimless, unsatisfied ghosts.

Mummies. Powered off VMs may have been dead for months or years, yet they are preserved and unraveling in your virtual environment, smelling of chemicals and taking up space.

Werewolves. Unused template images howl in frustration. No body wants to use them, nobody understands them — but they are out there, wandering over the moors of your virtual environment.

Goblins. Grotesque snapshots in your environment go a long time without modification, hogging disk space, outliving their usefulness and becoming quite mischievous.

Zombies. Virtual machines not being used continue to consume needlessly, shuffling through the virtual environment and trying to satisfy their hunger.

Taming the monsters 
Enlist the tricks and tools of a smart virtualization management witch or wizard to help you optimize resources and balance the forces at play in your virtual environment. Read our virtualization management spell book to learn more.

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