In ActiveRoles 6.8 change history reports were completely redesigned and extended!

Now change history report has three main sections:

1. Properties changed during operation. At last it's possible to see not only the new attribute value but the old one as well:

2. Workflow activities and policy actions. In this section you can see detailed information about all policies and workflows that ActiveRoles performed when processing the request:

The Workflow activities and policy actions area displays a report of the policy actions and workflow activity actions. The report organizes the action results into sections, each containing report items specific to a single policy or activity. Each section in the report describes results of the action performed by a workflow activity or policy. The report items within the section inform about success or failure of the policy or activity action. In the event of a failure, the report item includes an error description.

3. Operation details. Additional information on when and by whom the changes were requested and approved:

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