Hi Guys,

Just wanted to give you a heads up about our latest release, ChangeBASE v.5.2 due out on Dec. 12th. There have been some pretty big changes in ChangeBASE v. 5.2. The main themes to this release are:


1. ChangeBASE can now be run on Windows 8 & Server 2012

2. Application Virtualization package automation has been vastly improved to be truly vendor agnostic

3. We can support a complete Microsoft only environment with the following:

a. Support for Hyper-V to run automated package creation

b. Support for import via SCCM 2012

c. Support for the newly release App-V 5.0 for automated conversion of MSIs to this format


Check out the details below.

ChangeBASE supported on Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012

ChangeBASE v.5.2 is supported to run on Windows 8 and Server 2012.


Improved automated virtual application creation

There have been many enhancements to the module that converts applications to virtual application formats. Here are the key features:

New virtual applications formats supported

ChangeBASE can automate the creation of all the major application virtualization formats. This release adds support for:

  • Microsoft App-V 5.0
  • Citrix XenApp Streaming Profiler

New virtual desktop formats supported


It can do this conversion using all major desktop virtualization solutions. The new supported virtual platforms added with this release are:
  • Hyper-V
  • VMware Server

Other cool features for better virtual package creation

  • Multiple applications can be combined into one virtual package
  • Ability to manually intervene in the sequencing process
  • Ability to specify pre-requisite applications that need to be installed prior to doing the sequencing capture

Improved platform support for automated packaging capability

The module that converts non-standard or legacy installers into MSI format has been enhanced to include the following new virtual desktop technologies.

New virtual desktop formats supported

The new supported virtual platforms added with this release are:

· Hyper-V (Client and Server)

· VMware Server


New dashboard report charts

Dashboard reports have been updated to include some useful new features. The key feature updates are explained below.

Top 5 Issues Chart

The top 5 Issues chart can be displayed instead of the ROI Calculator. This chart, shown in the top right hand of the Dashboard front screen, shows a bar chart of the top 5 most common issues identified from all packages assessed.




Best Way Forward Chart


The Best Way Forward chart provides a view of compatibility for the user defined platforms (where each platform consists of one or more report groups). Applications that are Red or Amber for the top desired platform (farthest to the left à Win7 + x64 + App-V) are rejected and processed for the next Platform. If the RAG Status is Red or Amber for all Platforms then it will be assigned to the "Incompatible" group (in red).



The Best Way Forward charts display 3 perspectives which are explained below.


Original: the charts on the left display the original RAG values after first assessment

Current: the middle charts show the current RAG state

Potential with auto-fixing: the charts on the right show which apps will be green if all auto fixing is applied



If you click on any column you can drill down into the Issue detail report.

Progress Summary Target Values

You can now set the target date and target number of packages for the Progress Summary line chart to better track against desired milestones (represented by pink dotted line) in your migration project.



Default IIS Server Name

When installing a new database the IIS Server will default to the local computer name rather than “Localhost”, for example “MyPC/Dashboard”.

Bulk import via .CSV /.XLS file

To assist bulk imports into ChangeBASE, we now offer the ability to read the list of applications to be imported from a .csv file. The “View” that you would like the applications to be grouped into can also be specified in the CSV. This will make imports of large numbers of applications much easier and hands free.


Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) integration

ChangeBASE 5.1 introduced a feature which allows direct imports from SCCM 2007. This capability has been extended in version 5.2 to support direct imports from SCCM 2012.

New SCCM Integration Options

A new SCCM options dialog will appear if the user clicks the options button from the main dialog. This allows the user to specify the following:

  • The format of the SCCM view grouping string.
  • Whether the SCCM interface should search Distribution Points as well as package source if it cannot access/ find the required files in the package source.
  • Set fixed exclusion filters which will hide packages/programs as necessary.

The SCCM view grouping string is used to group SCCM packages under the SCCM view within ChangeBASE after such packages are imported to ChangeBASE.


Auto-logon for web applications


Some web applications require a user to logon in order to load properly and this can be a problem when trying to automate testing. We’ve just added functionality to enable a user to enter their credentials to get past the initial login screen – this enables a more complete automated test.


The screen below shows how to configure the logon. The middle panel shows a view of a sample web application login page.





Once the credentials are entered, they will persist throughout that web session.



MSI Studio Enhancements

There have been several improvements to MSI Studio in this release. Here are some highlights:

  • Double-clicking on an ICE validation error highlights the issue in the relevant table

  • Consistent CTRL functions:
  • Ctrl + F (Find) works across all UI elements
  • Ctrl + S (Save) works across all UI elements
  • Tabbed Tables View -- allowing the display of more than one table (see screenshot above – both Component and File tables are tabbed)
  • Consistent approach to displaying & editing Items in tables
  • Right-click in a row of a table provides an 'Edit' option which displays the edit dialog for the selected column in the table. This will be consistent across all major tables.




How and when can I get it?


Download will be available via the website on December 12, 2012: https://www.quest.com/solutions/migration-and-consolidation/


Try it out and me know what you think.




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