Hope you had a Happy Holidays!

So another year has come and gone. My wife and I have a tradition where every year we buy a new ornament for our tree to remember important about that year. This year it a was family portrait taken by a friend of ours who happen to be a world class photographer (I have never looked so good). We have been living in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada for 11 years now and there are some amazing memories: new house, KIDS, dog, black belt in karate, and loved ones leaving us for better places. The time has flown by and it doesn't seem to be slowing any time soon. We both chuckled that we are not getting any younger. I love that tradition and I love remembering where we have come from and where we are at that moment.

So after that ramble I should get to the point and I promise it will link into my intro ;-).

Lots of stuff happened in our industry this year. Mergers and acquisitions, security violations, natural disasters, the death of a pioneer and industry trend setter.... it pretty much ran the gamut. To me however, it seemed like every time I looked at the "news" there was one constant theme: THE CLOUD. Now while I don't think everything is going to move to the cloud tomorrow, I do think that this is certainly a disruptive technology. Lots of consumers and enterprises are standing up and taking notice of this technology and considering how can they leverage it? How it will affect them from a personal level and for most of us reading this blog on a day to day business? How will we make sure whatever is stored there remains there without unauthorized access? How will we audit, back up, restore, migrate, manage, you name it our information stored in the Cloud? All important questions that need answers.

So if I was to pick and ornament to hang on the technology tree this year I think it should certainly be something that represents a cloud. As for 2012 I am not sure what to expect. There is rumored to be a new Active Directory on the horizon so that would be big, Google is pressing on and applying pressure to Microsoft, Apple is always up to something..... so who knows.

What do you think? What do you think will be the big "thing" next year? Do you think the Cloud was the big "thing" this year?

Love to hear from you.


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