Introducing our newest Active Directory security solution - Quest Security Guardian

We are excited to announce the arrival of our newest Active Directory (AD) security solution – Quest Security Guardian!

But – why create a new product? Let’s dive into what’s happening in the security landscape.

Compromised identities feature in 80% of breaches, with hybrid AD environments becoming hotbeds for malicious exploits like kerberoasting. Unfortunately, organizations are also struggling to adhere to basic security practices, as highlighted in Microsoft's 2023 Digital Defense Report, which leads to insecure configurations and a myriad of mismanagement challenges. Attackers capitalize on this mismanagement, opting for the path of least resistance, resulting in configuration drift and heightened vulnerability. Distinguishing between vulnerabilities and actual compromises becomes a Herculean task, fostering alert fatigue within security teams.

And while Microsoft fortifies Azure and Microsoft 365, a critical gap exists in on-premises attack surface protection. This gap – forming from both the infrastructure and the workforce side (with many older certified experts retiring and younger experts focusing solely on Azure) – can turn into a fatal security gap. With on-premises solutions remaining vital for many organizations, a holistic approach is imperative for navigating the hybrid AD threat landscape effectively.

Enter, Security Guardian! Quest Security Guardian is a tool designed to measurably reduce your attack surface and simplify AD security. From a simplified, unified workspace, Security Guardian reduces alert fatigue by prioritizing your most exploitable vulnerabilities and Active Directory configurations that demand attention. The solution spotlights what happened, if you’re exposed, and how to fix the problem.

You’ll be able to protect your critical assets with the ability to:

  • Benchmark current Active Directory configuration against industry best practices
  • Lock down critical objects, including GPOs, from misconfiguration and compromise
  • Stay ahead of threats by continually monitoring for indicators of exposure (IOEs) and indicators of compromise (IOCs)

We’re very excited to talk about how Security Guardian can help you reduce your attack surface, with simplicity and speed. We’ll be attending security trade shows, such as RSA, Gartner, and Infosec. We'll also be demoing Security Guardian at the TEC EMEA Roadshow in March, and we’d love to have you join us! To learn more about Security Guardian, click here:

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