Before we dive into the 2020 predictions, let’s first see if we got any of our 2019 predictions right! Here’s a quick highlight of our hits and misses:

  • Humans were still a thing this past year, as we saw in the 2019 Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report, which showed phishing and use of stolen credentials as the top threat actions in a breach.
  • Ransomware did impact a company’s stock price, as evidenced after the attack on Norsk Hyrdo in March, losing 82% core profit that quarter.
  • Active Directory resiliency took home the gold at the 2018 Olympics (ok this was over a year ago, but the story wasn’t told until October this year) as we learned the Olympic technology center rebuilt all nine of their domain controllers from backups opening night.
  • My privacy prediction was a draw since I got that GDPR would show some backbone with the biggest fines right (e.g., British Airways, Marriott International), but we didn’t see a whole lot regrading competing regulations.
  • Yup, M&As dominated the news (BB&T and SunTrust Banks or Fiserv and First Data to name a few), and lead to a packed IT integration session at 2019 The Experts Conference.
  • But I totally missed on my Teams prediction: It’s not 3 out of 10 will know what Teams is, it’s more like 9 out of 10 with the lone holdout in denial. But what is Teams really? Well that’s another question all together and is answered by Microsoft Sr. Product Marketing Manager and MVP Chris McNulty and Microsoft MVPs Tony Redmond and Mark Rackley in this video from The Experts Conference (however, they left out the powerful use of GIFs as an effective mode of communication via Teams).

Stay tuned to this blog for my 2020 Predictions for Office 365 and Active Directory professionals.

Since security was a big part of my 2019 predictions, I will leave you with this video of Microsoft Certified Master, Sean Metcalf, speaking about how to shore up your AD Security in his keynote at The Experts Conference.


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