Whether you are an Email Service Provider or just a company running one of the above solutions there is a product that can easily be setup in a matter of minutes to start your migration to Exchange On-Premise, Exchange Hybrid, or even the very popular Office 365 environment. (Quest On Demand Migration for Email)


The problem with a lot of migration products is that they require an On-Premise install of the migration product and the use of a backend SQL server or proprietary database.  The setup time is lengthy and the configuration can be complex.  Some of these solutions require professional services or other expertise to pull off the migration. 


Some companies try the cheap migration route by using native tools, these can be difficult to use and the capability of roll back due to an error is very difficult.  You will be stuck doing a lot of power shell commands and one wrong parameter can cause havoc to your migration project.  Not advised for your production email data.

Fast Forward to the current era of online SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions that are already installed in the cloud, the admin simply points to their existing mail server environment and to the target environment. (Adding credentials to access the mail on both sides, known as the source and target).

Select the mailboxes to target and parameters of what you want migrated.  (Contacts, Tasks, Calendar and Mail.)  Example below of doing a migration in a phased approach with a date range of 1990-2016. Allowing you to start the migration in just minutes after plugging in the initial credentials.

The takeaway from this information is that migrations can be setup and started way faster than ever before using a product like Quest On Demand Migration for Email.   More environments can be targeted as the source than ever before with one product, using Quest On Demand Migration for Email.  The need for professional services or trained migration staff is not needed, saving the company money.   And now the excuse that migrations are going to take lots of time and planning have severely decreased over the years.


            So your next move to Office 365 whether it be in a Hybrid environment or fully cloud, or even to just an On-Premise Exchange solution is just a few steps away.  Quest On Demand Migration for email can be licensed for the exact number of mailboxes to migrate and there are no minimums on the purchase.  Great phone/email support available if you were to stumble – but the experience is something like nothing before in migration technology.  Quest On Demand Migration for Email.   https://www.quest.com/products/on-demand-migration-for-email/

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