The Experts Conference (TEC) is right around the corner, providing the best in-depth Active Directory and Office 365 training from the greatest minds in the industry.

One of these brilliant minds? Internationally recognized expert on security and control of Windows and Active Directory security, Randy Franklin Smith.

CISA, SSCP, president of Monterey Technology Group, Inc. and longtime Microsoft MVP, Randy Franklin Smith is one of the most well-respected and informed experts in the field. At TEC, not only will you be hearing his presentations, but you’ll also get a chance to ask him any questions you might have one-on-one!

Here’s a brief look at what you can expect from Randy’s invaluable learning sessions:

Keynote Session: Recent Security Features in Active Directory You Probably Aren’t Using

Over the past several years Microsoft has added many new Active Directory security features, but Randy finds that many organizations aren’t using them. There are many reasons for this, such as how sometimes Microsoft introduces a new capability but doesn’t immediately make it easy-to-implement via the GUI or PowerShell. By the time that happens, we tend to have forgotten about the capability in the day-to-day grind of AD management.

In this session Randy will introduce you to these capabilities in Active Directory, show you how they work and help you determine if you should start using them to deal with security threats in your environment.

Here’s a partial list of what he will cover:

  • Password Setting Objects fine grained password policy without multiple domains
  • Authentication Silos a very important way to protect against Pass-the-Hash
  • Dynamic Access Control escape from countless access control lists on each folder
  • Global Object Access Audit Policy define audit policy centrally
  • Group Managed Service Accounts (and plain-old Managed Service Accounts) stop managing service account passwords
  • Domain Controller Virtualization and Cloning fast but reliable DC deployment in the virtual environment
  • Active Directory Administrative Center PowerShell History Viewer See how to automate any task you perform in the GUI

Need CPE credit for this? We’ll provide you the transcript you need to show you were here and what you learned.

Hybrid AD Session: Understanding Windows Security Log Events Generated by Active Directory Domain Controllers vs Other Endpoints

There is no central audit log for Active Directory. Instead, AD records any relevant events affecting Active Directory in the local Security Log of which ever Windows Server domain controller where the event happens to occur. On top of this distributed log (i.e. fractured), the wording of many events in the security log is confusing. Some events specifically refer to Active Directory or “domain controller” even when the event is strictly a local workstation or member server affair.

In addition, some categories of events, while logged on both domain controllers and non-domain controllers, have very different implications. For instance, a failed Account Logon event may or may not be significant on a domain controller while it’s almost always important on member servers and workstations.

In this session, Randy will help you understand how the context of security log events has a great impact on their implication. This is a technical eye-opening event that you do not want to miss.

Also look for more Birds-of-a-Feather sessions with our experts and your peers to have a casual conversation around such topics as:

  • Active Directory disaster recovery
  • Microsoft Teams
  • IT Integration for Mergers and Acquisitions
  • And more

Need CPE credit for this? We’ll provide you the transcript you need to show you were here and what you learned.

TEC provides the expert-level training you deserve (and the CPEs you need)

TEC’s in-depth and advanced-level education is not found anywhere else. We’re talking 300-400 level hybrid Active Directory and Office 365 education that can be applied as soon as you get back to work, and as showcased by Randy Franklin Smith’s session details, this information will help you succeed and reach your full potential in the workplace.

You can even apply your attendance at these sessions to the CPE credits you need (up to 7 CPEs per day at TEC).

Randy is ready. Question is: are you?

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