TEC 2019: Get advanced Active Directory Security education from Microsoft Certified Master Sean Metcalf (Have your questions answered too)

The Experts Conference (TEC) is almost here with the best in-depth Active Directory and Office 365 training you desire, all provided by some of the top experts in the field.

One of the great experts providing Active Directory security training is Microsoft Certified Master, Microsoft Certified Solutions Master and founder of Trimarc Security, Sean Metcalf!

Sean is highly respected for his knowledge, analysis and experience with Active Directory (AD) and the Microsoft platform. He performs in-depth research on Active Directory best practices and has spoken on AD attack & defense at various prominent security conferences, such as Shakacon, DEF CON 24 and Black Hat USA 2016. Sean used his research to develop Trimarc’s Active Directory security assessment engagement offering, which identifies security configuration issues typically leveraged by attackers to compromise the enterprise.

At TEC, not only will you be attending Sean’s presentations, but you’ll also get the chance to ask any questions you might have directly, one-on-one!

Here’s a brief look at what you can expect from Sean’s invaluable learning session:

The Current State of Active Directory Security: The Good and Bad

Attackers have set their sights squarely on Active Directory when targeting your company, but typically, this isn't their primary objective. Their motivation and end goals range from stealing data to impacting corporate operations, so gaining control of AD is a means to an end. Because compromising AD security is an easy way to gain access to your corporate resources, effective protection of AD has become critical in limiting the impact of a breach.

Sean will take you on a journey covering the various security milestones and challenges of Active Directory. Key elements involve issues with current AD administration methods, how enterprise "AD aware" applications can weaken Active Directory security, and how leveraging cloud services complicate securing infrastructure. Finally, Sean discusses the commonly heard excuses for not implementing security controls to protect Active Directory and the ways to counter these arguments.

Need CPE credit for this? We’ll provide you the transcript you need to show you were here and what you learned.

TEC provides the expert-level training you deserve (and the CPEs you need)

TEC’s in-depth and advanced-level education is not found anywhere else. This is 300-400 level hybrid Active Directory and Office 365 education that can be applied as soon as you get back to work, and as showcased by Sean Metcalf’s session details, this information will help make you secure and successful while pushing you to your full potential in the workplace.

You can even apply your attendance at these sessions to the CPE credits you need (up to 7 CPEs per day at TEC).

What are you waiting for? Sean and TEC await!

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