I previously shared a challenge I had with finding the services that were created in the Hosts dashboard. Ideally we want to be able to use them in the Hosts and Infrastructure dashboards, but also add them to the Service Operations Console or attach them to an existing service definition in the Service Builder.

To start, we'll add a new category in the Service Builder.

Next, we'll add a child service to our new definition.

We want to add "components to this service".

And we want to "add a specific component".

However, the "My Special Hosts" service doesn't show up in any of the searches. We want to "View Object Groups".


You will want to "Add" an object group.

I'm calling it "Child Service Grouping" but you can call it something else if you like. The TL;DR version of this blog is this - you need to provide a Datatype called "FSMChildService". Do that and then Test it.

We see "My Special Hosts" now along with some other child services that were created.

Now back a few steps to adding specific components, we can pick "Child Services from Hosts Dashboard" (the name we gave our Object Group) and select "My Special Hosts" to be a component of the "Darren Hosts Service".

Finally, in the Service Operations Console, you can select the "Darren Hosts Service" and view the SLA, alarms, dependencies, etc. You could keep going by adding in Databases, virtual hosts, network devices, etc. to view all of the components that provide an IT service on one dashboard.


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