Setting up Foglight when SQL Server wants SSL

Updated in March 2021 -

You now only need to check the "Use SSL" box when setting up your SQL Server connections in Foglight. This option appeared in the 5.9.x line of releases.

A customer recently had this error message when trying to monitor a new SQL Server instance:

Reason : [Foglight][SQLServer JDBC Driver]The SQL Server login requires an SSL connection.

They didn't want to disable the requirement for an SSL connection, so we followed the following steps. Thanks to  for the tip!

Start by selecting the option to discover multiple SQL Server instances:

Select the Foglight Agent Manager you wish to run the agent from, and validate it.

Select Add Instances and Add Manually.

Enter the host\instance name in the popup window. Next, select the instance, and set credentials.

Set the SSL Connection pulldown to mandatory. Enter DB credentials and other options (OS/PI) and click Monitor.

  • The  message "Unsupported curveId: 29" appears to be related to a JDK version that should be updated. Which versions of the Fglam/FMS/SQL cartridge are you running?

  • Hi Darren,

    Good article - helped me get the inital setup of ssl to sql db setup, but when foglight tries to connect to SQL 2016, we get the following initialise error in the floglight web gui:

    Failed to establish a SQL-Server JDBC connection protocol to Host [\DEFAULT_INSTANCE], user account [xxxxxxxxx\username] . Reason : [[Foglight][SQLServer JDBC Driver]SSL handshake failed: Unsupported curveId: 29- Profile:MSSQLProfile{host='', instance= 'DEFAULT_INSTANCE', username='xxxxxxxxx\username', authType= 'WINDOWS_CUSTOM', port= '0' useNTLMv2= 'true', socketTimeout= '900', secureConnection= 'REQUIRE', packetSize= '0' }]. . [SQL-Server Error Code = 0. SQL state : 08001]



     Am I missing something?

    Kind regards,



  • Hi Erik,

    I'm having the exact same issue regarding ssl, sql 2016 and curve encryption issues - did you ever fix this?



  • Hi,

    we have SQL Server 2016 Enterprise and on it we have SSL enabled (we force connections to use SSL). When we adding SQL Server to Foglight monitoring we get error (SSL Connection is set to mandatory).

    If we disable SSL on SQL Server then monitoring works (also we need to change SSL connection back). We have also opened case on Dell Support about this for almost 6 months.

    Did you maybe noticed similar problems?

    Thank you for help.



  • How does this make a strong use case for customers?

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