The Juggling Act of Modern DBAs

Database performance monitoring can be a real circus! And with an ever-growing amount of technology platforms to manage, we’ve become the ultimate jugglers.  

Didn’t sign up to be a clown?

Hey, I know. I didn’t, either. But, listen, sometimes we’ve gotta adapt to the new roles in which we find ourselves as database administrators. It’s been a progression. Many of us who’ve been around for a bit started out juggling a couple platforms. No big deal. A couple balls in the air. I’m talking Oracle, maybe SQL Server. But now? We’ve got PostgreSQL, Cassandra, MySQL, MongoDB and more. It’s like we’re tossing chainsaws and flaming torches into the mix. It’s no wonder we’re doing triage and fighting fires!

You need a juggling partner.

No offense. I did, too. So what’s helped me keep everything from crashing to the ground? A toolset that supports all the responsibilities I’m juggling, so I can maintain peak performance. For me, personally, I’ve found that partner in Foglight® for Cross-Platform Databases.

Catch these bowling pins, Foglight!  

Right now, it’s like you’re juggling blindfolded against heavy gravity. But with Foglight, you get complete visibility and a lighter load. So you can see what’s coming at you and manage it proactively. That means less risk – and less stress! Because when you consolidate and standardize database performance management across all your diverse environments, you can keep everything in one place.

Find your rhythm.

Another secret to good juggling? Finding the right pace. Foglight helps you work quickly, without breaking a sweat. So you can go from looking frazzled to looking like a star performer – fast.  

Don’t drop the ball.

With powerful cross-platform database performance monitoring, it’s easy to keep track of everything in your environment. Foglight alerts you to performance issues and prioritizes critical problems, so you can take immediate action. When you know exactly what’s happening, you can make rapid adjustments to keep everything up and running smoothly.

Get more tricks up your sleeve.

Now that you’ve gone from struggling street performer to valued king’s court jester, it’s time to learn some advanced juggling techniques. Check out this tech brief to see how you can easily handle anything that gets thrown your way.

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