Imagine this.... you're hosting a Holiday Party...and the phone rings. You answer and the person on the other end says with a tense voice, "I'm sorry but we will be unable to deliver your beer, wine, and liquor order. The product never shipped."

Now, it should go without saying that many people can celebrate without the need for "adult beverages" but for many folks, the "social lubricant" is an essential part of any soiree.

At this point, you're likely wondering...why is this topic on a Quest Community site?....and what does this have to do with software? 

Thank you for asking.

Recently, I visited a Quest customer. This company is a large spirits distributor with headquarters in the southeastern US. The lead DBA explained how much Spotlight is a critical component to the success of their business.

(I hear these types of stories for more traditional verticals like Banking, Healthcare, and so on but this one got my attention.) They have Distribution Centers in nearly every state in the US (46). Each DC has its own SQLServer instance to manage inventory. Spotlight monitors these SQLServer instances and keeps them informed of potential performance issues before they reach critical mass. He said, "if the instance goes down, the product doesn't ship..."

Whoa. That means lots of unhappy customers.

So, the next time you're enjoying your favorite cocktail, just think....Quest Spotlight may very well be (partially) responsible.

Have a happy and festive holiday season!

To learn more about Spotlight, visit the Quest landing page for Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise

**(If you're not familiar with the blog title reference, for some good laughs, watch the movie, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.)

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