Patching Compliance with  KACE Cloud Companion

Would you reduce the number of potential cyber breaches by 60% if you could?

According to the Cost and Consequences of Gaps in Vulnerability Response Report by Ponemon Institute, “Nearly 60% of cyber-attack victims said installing an available patch would have prevented their breach, and 39% said they knew about a vulnerability before an attack occurred -- but never fixed it.”

Compliance is essential when it comes to patch management. Not only do you need to update the operating system, but 3rd party application is key to keeping your endpoints secure. Many organizations have struggled to keep up, and with a hybrid workforce the challenge is greater than ever. Maybe you are already running an enrollment-based management tool that just doesn’t support 3rd party applications. With KACE Cloud Companion Edition, you can easily manage over 350 products. Allowing OS and 3rd party applications patching, software deployment, device inventory, and reporting on device compliance. KACE Cloud Companion Edition has the features you need to be patch compliant for not only Windows Desktop, macOS, but also Windows Server. No enrollment is required, just install the agent to get started managing compliance in minutes. With KACE Cloud Companion Edition you will be able to effectively do the following.

  • Update outdated applications
  • Update desktop and server operating systems
  • Deploy applications and configurations automatically
  • Automate device inventory
  • compliance and inventory reporting

Setup is a snap with KACE Cloud Companion Edition, log on to your tenant pull down the KACE agent for Windows or macOS. Once you deploy the agent to your endpoints keeping them up to date is quick and straight forward. Enable one or more patch policies for always on patch management, with up to 350 supported products. With KACE you can filter on the kinds of patches you want to deploy, and even rollback supported patches as needed. KACE also allows you to manage the user experience by selecting silent deployment or notification options. Configure snooze and reboot controls as makes sense for each patch group. With KACE Cloud Companion Edition, you have the control!

Registered device support for the following operating systems.


Windows 10

Windows 11

Windows Server 2016 (Standard and Datacenter Editions with .NET Framework 4.7 or later) 

Windows Server 2019, 2022 (Standard and Datacenter Editions)


macOS 12+


Are you ready to get compliant with KACE Cloud Companion Edition Companion Edition, contact us today for a free product demonstration and trial KACE Cloud Companion Edition.

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