We all have heard the old saw, “have you tried turning it off and on again”. It may be cliché but it is also relevant when dealing with and operating system or software package not behaving as it should. Keeping those things up to date is probably just as helpful in avoiding problems in the first place. One of the great benefits of owning your KACE Systems Management Appliance (SMA) is the regular updates. These come in two flavors, major updates and minor updates. At KACE we work hard to produce these updates on a regular basis, at least twice a year and sometimes more as needed. There are three distinct reason to keep your SMA up to date:

  • Feature additions are one great reason to keep your KACE SMA up to date. With each major release, new and enhanced functions are included to the appliance. Many of these features come from user requests, which are seen here. Feel free to vote on your favorites.
  • Security updates and defects are patched during appliance updates. Usually the minor releases are geared toward these items, however each updates includes them as needed.
  • Continued support for your KACE SMA also requires that you stay current on software updates. As versions that are too old may fall out of support. Many times if an issue arises on an older version of KACE SMA it will have already been remediated on the new version.

Sometimes, it is just as easy as turning it off and on again. However, with a little planning and keeping your appliance up to date, you will enjoy the newest features and fixes KACE has to offer. This will also let you stay on top of security updates for the KACE SMA. Finally, by staying up to date on the newest versions will allow you to utilize our support team if needed. Possibly, by updating the KACE SMA to the newest version the problem may be solved without ever having to open a support request.

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