Remember the days when all you had to worry about were people’s hard-wired desktop PCs? Oh, how simple things were back then. Even if you don’t remember those days, it’s likely that your IT world has gotten more complex in the past few years as a wide variety of mobile and internet-of-things (IoT) devices are now being used regularly in businesses of all kinds.

How are you keeping track of everything? Most inventory and asset management systems are ill-equipped to deal with many devices beyond PCs. The situation is critical because all of these nontraditional devices — as cool to use and beneficial to business as they are — can really expose your network to security threats.

In a recent webcast, Tim Warner of Pluralsight explained how IoT technologies can be a particularly vulnerable access point because of lack of industry standards, weak default settings, inconsistent updates and device invisibility. In the same webcast, Ken Galvin, senior product manager for KACE at Quest Software, discussed how a unified endpoint management (UEM) approach enables IT administrators to review and manage all of their endpoint assets using one platform — meaning all of your standard PCs, plus mobile devices and IoT technologies in one place!

Pretty cool stuff. The webcast is now available online, and you can even try Quest KACE for free to see for yourself how UEM can reduce administrative complexity, keep your network secure and free up some of your time for more innovative tasks. Which is what you’d much rather focus on, right?

Short on time? Redmond Magazine summarized the webcast in its Digital Dialogue column for us. Download it now.

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