How is your IT service desk viewed by users within your organization? Do they feel like they can get what they need in a timely fashion? Is the support ticket system easy to use? Are there self-service options that simplify getting basic questions answered or updates completed? Or are there long wait periods before people can get what they need? Do users cringe when they have to contact the help desk or use your service desk tools?

In many ways, the service desk acts as the face of your organization’s IT department. And since it’s the crucial link between your users and your team, it actually plays a key role in device management and security. That’s why an effective, efficient service desk solution should be an integrated aspect of your organization’s approach to unified endpoint management (UEM).

By choosing a flexible, integrated solution that delivers secure, comprehensive incident management and request fulfillment, you can improve user productivity and satisfaction while reducing costs, ensuring compliance with SLAs, maximizing value and positioning IT as a strategic business partner within the larger organization.

However, finding a service desk solution that enables you to keep users happy and makes your job of device management easier at the same time is a challenging task.

First and foremost, you need comprehensive incident management throughout the entire ticket life cycle. You need a solution that enables issues to be easily reported, accurately prioritized by severity, efficiently assigned to appropriate technicians and centrally tracked to resolution.

Automation of ticket processing to help reduce workloads, two-way communication between users and IT staff, self-service options for password resets and other basic IT tasks, and the ability to customize service desk features are all also key to having an effective help desk that can go a long way in helping streamline endpoint management and ensure that all devices accessing your networks are secure.

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