Change Auditor Agent Slow ingesting NetApp Filer Events

We have a NetApp Agent pointing to a filer. The agent is reporting very few events (between 5 and 20 events) even though we can see in the logs that there are at least 960 events queued. The Agent does not appear to Forward the events to the Coordinator, as seen from the Agent Status. However, we see the events from the client almost instantly. The Agent eventually slows down to a point of stopping to register NetApp events, even though the memory does not appear to be an issue; nor does the Agent itself stop.

The template is configured correctly and is running in Cluster mode, the FPolicy appears to be correct and the polling settings appear to be correct as do the credentials.

It looks like there is a buffering / capacity issue between the Agent and the Filer. So, my question is do I need to start looking at setting the NetAppFPolicySendBufferSize? 

Thanks - Geoff

Version of Change Auditor: 7.3

Version of ONTAP: 9.7

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