Would like to install Printers asynchronously - New Print drivers take many minutes to install

I would like to be able to install all print drivers asynchronously.  Meaning for the very first time a user logs onto a system and creates a Windows profile, instead of staring at the progress bar and our splash image for 5 to 10 minutes... continue installing print drivers in the background.  We can do this for application launcher, why can't we do this for printers?

At least they could get to the desktop and start working, and eventually in 5 or more minutes the printers are installed.  The biggest delay in establishing a new windows profile is getting printers added to the system.  The sltrace file can show 5 or 6 minutes for an HP Color Laserjet m553 for example.

  • Beside the logon event, Desktop Authority runs every 60 minutes on a refresh event, this can be modified to run for the first time immediately after the logon event has occurred instead of after first 60 minutes.

    This can be configured on your workstations, (this feature only works if your Desktop Authority Console is version 10.0 or newer).

    Adding this key to every workstation:




    default 0 (do not launch refresh event when desktop loads)

    1 (or anything else) = launch refresh event right after desktop loads.

    When this value is present and not zero the first refresh will be launched after the desktop has been loaded and the logon script has finished, thus allowing printers and other time consuming profile objects to be applied right after the desktop has been loaded and avoiding delays in the logon script. For this to work those items need to be scheduled for refresh timing, not desktop or logon.

    You may use a registry element in your Desktop Authority Console to apply this settings on your workstations.