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Privilege Manager GPO's off Network?

I'm using KACE Privilege Manager on one laptop, for a couple of pieces of software. All boxes are checked when setting the policies up. Yet as soon as I remove the laptop from the network, I lose the GPO's. The Privilege Manage containers are still showing when I run RSOP, but they're empty.

Can anyone explain why this is happening and aren't stored to the local policy?

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  • Hello,

    My advice would be to create a service request so that we can explain to you how the scenario you describe should work. 

    KACE Privilege Manager relies on the GPOs as the sync method between the server and the client thus KACE PM will not receive updates from the server if the GPOs are not functioning properly (please see this article). On the other hand, KACE Privilege Manager will continue to work with the rules it already knows.