AD Action Summary Custom Report Request

An overview explaining the report you require:
I need a report that creates a summary of AD activity, showing Accounts Created, Accounts Deprovisioned, Computers Created, Groups Created and Groups Modified.
I have reports that will output the information but then I need to use another method to count the number of operations then find another way to send the information.
It would be much easier if a custom report could be created that I could then use the scheduler to send the email with the information.

The report will output the information like this:
Action                                      Count
Accounts Created                    163
Accounts Deprovisioned          431
Computers Created                 133
Groups Created                       361
Groups Modified                      1502

What version of Enterprise Reporter is being used?:

What discoveries have been run?:

Is there a library report that closely matches what you require?:
Not that I have found but I have made one that gathers the information required just doesn't total the numbers. (see above)

What fields are required in the report?:
Accounts Created, Accounts Deprovisioned, Computers Created, Groups Created and Groups Modified

How does the information in the report need to be sorted?:
Just summary totals as shown above

What parameters are required for filtering the report?:
Timeframe selection e.g. Summary between 01/09/2019 and 01/10/2019

How will this report be consumed? For example, will the report be viewed in report display, exported to CSV, or exported to PDF?:
Preferably sent out using the scheduler but otherwise can be report viewer, csv or pdf etc.

  • Good day

    Thank you for your request. 

    We will have someone review it and get back to you soon.

    Thank you


  • Thank you for your request.  This request is very interesting. 

    Before we can confirm if this report request is possible, we have a few questions. 

    What is your definition of an account being deprovisioned?  Enterprise Reporter does not collect or store dates when an account is deleted or disabled. It is unclear how we would summarize this information in a report. 

    Is the summary for a single domain or multiple domains? 

    Any other parameters required?  Such as domain, OU, etc? 

    Do you have plans to upgrade to version 3.2 or 3.2.1?

    Thank you,


  • Additional comment:

    Enterprise Reporter does not currently collect created or modified date for a domain computer.   So this report will only be possible for the following:

    Accounts Created

    Groups Created

    Groups Modified


  • Apologies I should have mentioned that we add "- Deprovisioned [Date]" to the object name when we deprovision it prior to deletion. e.g. N466690 - Deprovisioned 10/10/2019

    So the way I had the report working to create a report of all deprovisioned computers between a time frame was to use the change history data. I used hidden parameters to look for object name changes that had a value that contained "Deprovisioned" so when someone changes the name to have - deprovisioned in it it will be seen as a change then I just used the change date and time to sort out selecting a time frame..

    I hope that makes sense. I have attached an image to show the parameters of the report as described above.

    Regarding single domain or multiple domain question I think it would be best if we could choose to have a report with multiple domains or just one. I am thinking of it being just like it is on many of the published reports where you can input a domain or multiple domains into the parameter.

    I do not see the need for it to be slimmed down to OU but as mentioned above it would be good if we could see the actions taking place in each domain and actions taking place in multiple domains as a total summary.

    Regarding the upgrade to 3.2 I am not aware of any plan to upgrade but I will find out from someone who may know more and respond ASAP

    And finally regarding the computer creation I just saw when-created (extended) (Domain Computer) as a field and thought it may be possible to add computers created to the report.

    Thank you very much for you hard work on this one definitely is not simple

  • After some further investigation we will only need the ability to have the summary for one domain not multiple domains so you can ignore the part talking about multiple domains in the previous reply.

    Additionally there is a plan to upgrade all of our quest products but we do not have a date set yet.

  • That is great, fits exactly what I need.

    Do you know if there is a way I can automate this being sent out via email, I have it in a schedule I am just not sure how to have the schedule change the date parameter.

    Basically I would like to send this once a month with the previous month's information which means that the parameter needs to automatically set itself to the 1st of the previous month and the current day.

  • Through the magic of SQL, we could change the report so that it doesn't have parameters for the start and end range but instead automatically report on last month's range.

    That would allow you to un the report anytime in December and get November's results, so on the scheduled report, you would only have to set the Domain and make sure you schedule it after the month you want the results for.  I would suggest if we do this, that we also include the calculated date range in the resultant report, so that you know what dates were actually used.

    When exporting to CSV, you could use the CSV tab in the Report wizard and hide the date columns if wanted as well.

    And just in case you liked this idea, here is the report.


  • Thank you very much for sorting that Peter, it is exactly what we need.

    Both forms will be excellent for our needs.

    If it is simple to change would it be possible to have the date in UK format or something like this "01 February 2019".

    If it isn't an easy change don't worry I will just add a note to say it is in US format.

    Thanks once again for your help on this

    - Alain

  • For the way I had added the Date range in the report, there is no way to format that combined string into the format you require.

    However, you can replace that string with 2 individual Dates which can be formatted however you like.

    Edit the layout of the report, and remove the calculatedField1 from the layout. Then drag-and-drop the two date fields (Start of Range and End of Range) from the Fields List into the detail header band. 

    Once there, you can change the formatting for each of the dates by selecting each one and clicking the little chevron (>) to change the format string to {0:dd MMMM yyyy}

    Using the layout editor will let you position the controls however you like, as well as change other items like the formatting of the Page footer's date time.