Report showing anywhere a specific group is detected

Running on version

we have Active directory, computer, and  NTFS discoveries running

Essentially i need a full access report by specific ad group.

i don't see any reports that seem to offer this

The intended purpose is to allow us to audit permissions granted to an AD group to plan for the migration of both the group, and the targeted resources into new domains.

Fields, i'd be happy with just group name, and location permissioned either local server group or in ntfs permissions.  If possible support for any access from any discovery would be extremely useful as well.

As well, it would be amazing when management asks to know "what does this ad group do" to be able to quickly respond with a report, as today, I'm not aware of any other options in the market to do this.

Most likely consumption will be via CSV file, however report displays will be useful for visualizing the information.

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  • Hello,

    Thank you for this feedback and I will log an enhancement request for this type of report to be added to our report library in a future release.   Unfortunately we will not be able to create this report at this time, as the development is working on a future release. 

    Thank you,

    Angela Freeman, Sr. Development Manager, Enterprise Reporter 

    & Michael Keenan, Sr. Product Manager, Enterprise Reporter

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