Date Format in the report shows MM/DD/YYYY - can this be modified to DD/MM/YYYY

Date Format in the report shows MM/DD/YYYY - can this be modified to DD/MM/YYYY format for the fields which has time stamp values in it. For Ex: User Creation Date, Expiration Date (Domain User), Last Collected Time (Domain) etc on Quest Reports - Active Directory. Appreciate your kind assistance in advance.

  • Thanks for your question. It is quite simple to change the date format. The default format may not be, as you noticed, the way you would would like it. First edit your report and select Layout then edit. Click on the date field you wish to edit and you will notice a small box with a less than symbol in it. Click on that arrow to bring up the properties for the date. In the Format String you will see three dots. Click on these dots to bring up the format string editor. If you select Date Time you will see the date formats that are available. As Enterprise Reporter is used in many different countries we have set the reports in the ER library to have a specific format of dd-MMM-yyyy added to the custom tab (not available or carried to new reports and must be entered manually in each report) in the date category. This eliminates the problem of using number for days and months which can be different in different countries.

  • Thanks Clarence for the quick reply, I have navigated and tried to create a new custom Date Time in Format String Editor as dd-MM-yyyy, after clicking I do not see Format String filed is populated with that information i.e. dd- MM-yyyy. Do I need to bind to any field in Data Binding section on Table Cell Tasks window? thanks in advance

  • I am assuming that the date has already been bound to a field and you are just modifying the format. You have to create the new format it in the Custom tab. it will be at the bottom of the list in the Custom tab.. You can not save it in the predefined formats list in the Standard Types. Just select the new format and your date should now be as you want.

  • I have created new date format in the Custom Tab and I can see bottom of the list. After which, I am seeing below reflection on 'Table Cell Tasks', I think date not been bound to field.  Can you advice what is going wrong

    Text - Account Creation Date 

    Data Binding -  (None)

    Format String - Blank

    Summary - None

    Formatting Rules - (Collection)

  • Hello Clarence - could you pls check and advice

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