NTFS discovery on single share with 18 million files/folders, only one task generated

I'm trying to prove feasibility for using Enterprise Reporter for a number of data projects ongoing in my org.

I have some questions about expected behaviour in regards to NTFS discoveries, I have a test discovery currently running on a single share on my isilon.  This location has roughly 18 million files/folders.

I do only have one node in my testing cluster, but i'm not sure if/how additional nodes would behave.  I only see a single discovery task assigned in the discovery, and it appears to be processing serially through the structures.

I do see the option to create a seperate task for each share, but this discovery only has a single share, so doesn't seem like it will help

at this point it has been running for 6 days, i'm trying to compare that to the estimated times from the user guide and just doesn't seem to add up.

So i'm trying to understand exactly how this should be operating.  Will quest only ever assign a single task per share in the discovery?  If i have multiple nodes in my cluster, will the task be split amongst all of the nodes?

Whats the appropriate configuration for performing discoveries on this scale.