Isilon discovery

Hello all-

I'm trying to setup discovery of shares on an Isilon.

The Isilon exists in a parent domain.  Per the Isilon admin, they've created a virtual AD object in a child domain that represents the shares on the Isilon that we have access to.  This virtual object does not resolve to an IP address.  The service account we have been given to do discovery does not have access to the Isilon admin url in order to create a NAS configuration for File System Analysis discovery.

Our primary goal is to collect the groups assigned share and NTFS permissions on the shared Isilon folders.

Any ideas how I can configure discovery to achive the desired goal?



  • Have you looked at this article.

    Also there is this forum discussion

    There is also this section of the product documentation

  • Thank you for the suggestions, JohnnyQuest.

    I was able to add the parent object to an NTFS discovery by using the FQDN of the object.  However, discovery only succeded for the first share alphabetically.  Each other share returned a "Not a valid path" error. 

    I would like to attempt to add the explicit share paths, but I don't see that option ER 3.5.  When I attempt to import a UNC path as shown in the screenshot from Clarence.Hemeon in the discussion you linked above, I get an error about the computer name containing illegal characters.

    Is adding explicit paths still an option in 3.5?

    Thank you

  • Hello again, JohnnyQuest-

    Discovery appears to be working using the IP address of the Isilon.  ER reports the discovery is processing, and I can see paths from the Isilon when looking at the status of the discovery.  Discovery is still ongoing.  There are hunderds of terabytes to discover.  While the crawl is ongoing, where in the db tables can I confirm that the metadata being discovery is being stored in the database?  I don't see the IP address of the NAS in NTFSComputers nor do I see any of the \\IPaddress\Share\path folders in the NTFSFolder table.

    I know the "computer" would be accessible in Reporter until the discovery completes, but I do expect to see some of the data in the tables.


  • Rather than messing about with SQL tables, I would suggest going into the Report Manager and trying to select the contents of some of the Parameters a.k.a. filters on the NTFS reports.  When you are setting these, the Report Manager queries the Reporter DB to help you with your selections so this is a way to see what's been captured so far.

  • I did do that, and that's what lead me to look at what's in the tables.

    The IP address does not appear as an available computer parameter.  When I manually key in the IP address and then attempt to see the folders captured under that IP address, nothing is returned.

  • I do know from past experience that Reporter is idiosyncratic when it comes to reporting on computers that you originally scoped by IP address.  I wrote a script once that actually performed a translation of the IPs to names within the Reporter DB (that was a looooong time ago).

    I'm having difficulty reproducing the issue because I don't have an kind of NAS to report on and when I scope in a computer by its IP, Reporter keeps translating it to its Windows computer name before storing the ACL data!

  • Thanks for the follow up, JohnnyQuest.  I guess I'll wait to see what we get when discovery completes.  Everything appears to be acting like it should, but it's just concerning to not see anything in the db tables at this moment.  I don't want to burn all this discovery time only to find out while all the content was crawled, nothing was saved.

  • The way the storage works is that there is an "anchor" record of sorts in the tblNTFSComputer table and all the detail records (Share, Folder, File) make reference to that.  It will be interesting to see what ultimately populates.  One thing I was going to suggest to see if you could "fool" Reporter was to create a hosts file on the machine where your discovery node is that resolves the IP you are pointing to.