GenProcGroupID column does not get filled in DialogProcess table

We recently installed version 8.1.4. For every processes that get generated in jobhistory, an entry is being made in the DialogProcess table(referenced via GenProcID).But the column GenProcGroupID remains NULL in the DialogProcess table.

Now, we are trying to export jobhistory records into history database, but the records won’t get transferred because the stored procedure ‘HDB_PGetRawFromSource_Intern’ in the history database uses the below query to fetch jobhistory records:-

select newid(),BasisObjectKey,ComponentAssembly,ComponentClass,EndedAt,GenProcID,IsRootJob,JobChainName,ParamIN,Priority,Queue,StartAt,
TaskName, UID_Job, UID_JobError, UID_JobHistory, UID_JobOrigin, UID_JobSuccess, UID_Tree, WasError, ErrorMessages from %AccessPrefix%JobHistory h where h.genprocid in (select p.GenProcID from %AccessPrefix%Dialogprocess p where p.GenProcIDGroup > ' ')

Now, since the where clause in the query checks if the GenProcIDGroup is not empty, none of the jobhistory records satisfy the condition in the main database, and hence, not getting fetched to history database. Also for records in dialogwatchoperation table, I don't even see entries in DialogProcess. But the history database stored procedure pulls data from these tables only if they satisfy the condition of genprocid and genprocgroupID being present in DialogProcess table.

Could you please suggest a solution for this?