Baseline Policies Management Cartridge

Hello Everybody,

since my company had the need to add baseline calculation to some custom metrics, i developed this cartridge that allows a Foglight Administrator to do exactly so in an intuitive way using a GUI.

It also allows the Administrator to see what Baseline Policies are already configured in the Management Server.

I thought of sharing it with the community hoping it might be useful to others.

I would really like to have your feedback, so please let me know what do you think of it, and if you have any kind of suggestion about it.

Be aware that not all the metrics are suitable for Baseline Calculation, and that you may review carefully what metrics you add since the calculations can increase the load on the FMS.

This Cartridge is provided "AS IS" and is not supported by Quest Software, all request for support regarding this cartridge should be directed to me.

For any question, support or bugfix request I can be contacted through the community, you can find my email address in my profile.

  • Short description of the cartridge use case

This Cartridge allows Foglight Administrators to manage the Baseline Policies for the calculations of Baselines by the IntelliProfile Engine.

It allows to add a Baseline calculation to a TopologyType/metric and to delete a Baseline Policy only if it has been created by the user.

  • Basic installation instructions

The cartridge can be installed normally as any other cartrdige by deploying it to the Foglight Management Server.

  • Release notes

This Cartridge adds the “Manage Baseline Policies” under Administration > Data

It requires at least version of the IntelliProfile cartridge.

This Cartridge has been developed using the FGLIDE Cartridge by Stefan Marx

Thanks to Mr. David Fernandez for the insight on how baseline policies worked and how to manipulate them.

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