Oracle SOA Process for orders management

Hi all,

This is about Oracle Oracle SOA 12c & BPEL Process

Actually, I work in a project which allows the management of customer orders, each order passes through a seem of states. The project consisting of two parts :

Frontend/Backend application which allows users to manage orders (create, change order state, ...)
Oracle SOA project which contains different process
My objective is to create a new Oracle SOA Process (BPEL) in order to manage orders states:

Order states

Workflow :
After the creation of new order in the application Frontend/Backend, a new instance of Oracle BPEL process must be launched with the state: UNCONFIRMED
After each change of the created order state, the Oracle BPEL launched process (linked to the order) must change the state.
I note that many orders can be launched at the same time, so each process must be linked with a single order.

Questions :
How can I implement this Oracle Process ? with which component can I represent order states? How can I link a created Order with an instance of Process ? with which mechanism can I change the state of the process (linked with order)


  • Hello Liana,

    This sounds like a complex request. As I do not know which Foglight components you are currently using I think it would be best to contact our PSO team to discuss the issue with them.

    Those are the experts who can implement such business workflows and who can tell you, what is possible and what not.

    Best will be to discuss this with your Quest Account Manager and he/she can arrange the contact to the PSO.

    Kind Regards