• Kerberos Support for Foglight Oracle Cartridge

    We have Kerberos setup on our Oracle Databases and would like to connect to the Oracle databases using Kerberos instead of username/password from Foglight. Toad supports this by leaving the username/password field blank and having certain entries in the…

  • USU Oracle Solution


    Is USU Oracle Solution verified for data collection of oracle fusion middleware? As USU management requested to the oracle to verify its discovery applications like Weblogic, Oracle application server, Oracle SOA, and a lot more.

    Can anyone know…

  • Oracle SOA Process for orders management

    Hi all,

    This is about Oracle Oracle SOA 12c & BPEL Process

    Actually, I work in a project which allows the management of customer orders, each order passes through a seem of states. The project consisting of two parts :

    Frontend/Backend application…

  • How do I change the DBO-EmailNotification_Message_CC

    I need to change the CC mail list to send out an email to a third party managed service provider, but only need to send them information about certain Oracle instances and need to send the email only during certain hours. How do I use the registry editor…

  • TEMP tablespace ran out of space, can SQL PI help?

    Last night the TEMP tablespace maxed out on one of your databases:

    ORA-1652: unable to extend temp segment by 64 in tablespace TEMP

    It almost doubled in size to 8GB in a matter of minutes. I was trying to use SQL PI to find out what happened and if there…

  • Credentials change for oracle db hangs

    Credentials change for Oracle db hangs (until session timeout) on "applying modified settings" when save changes is executed.  (Agent

    There is no error or other message/feedback at all.  The credentials are verified on the target.


  • Foglight Database Expansion Pack

    Note: Database Expansion Pack download was updated in 2022

    Hello all.  I am pleased to provide the latest release of my Foglight Database Expansion Pack for general use.  Any customer (current or future) is encouraged to install this pack into their Foglight…