USU Oracle Solution


Is USU Oracle Solution verified for data collection of oracle fusion middleware? As USU management requested to the oracle to verify its discovery applications like Weblogic, Oracle application server, Oracle SOA, and a lot more.

Can anyone know about this?

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    I got the answer

    Oracle has confirmed the USU Software Asset Management solution for data discovery of Fusion Middleware products, according to USU Group, a prominent provider of IT solutions and services. The USU solution can provide valuable data for end-to-end coverage of a company's Oracle environment when combined with their earlier verification for Oracle Database and Database Options.
    WebLogic, Oracle Application Server, Oracle Business Intelligence, Tuxedo, Webcenter, Forms & Reports, and Oracle SOA are among the Middleware programs discovered by USU Software Asset Management, according to Oracle. USU is an Oracle trusted partner and this additional verification guarantees that their data gathering complies with or exceeds Oracle's requirements. Instead of using Oracle's measurement tools, customers can use the USU solution to collect correct data on Fusion Middleware product installation and usage and submit it in a software compliance audit.

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