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I'm relatively new to the Oracle world (2 yrs as a DBA) My background is in SQL Server where I used Spotlight. I'm looking for opinions which is better to use OEM or Foglight.

  • Hello James,

    did you test Foglight already?

    I would recommend using Foglight as you can use it for your Oracle DBs and SQL Server instances. Also, you have the option to monitor other DB types, like DB2, Sybase, MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB, Cassandra, ... If you run your DBs on virtual machines or in Docker containers, you can monitor those too. As Foglight provides all these options to monitor your environment, it is the better tool. 

    You will find details here:

    If you are interested in the virtual stuff, look at here:

    Another big advantage of Foglight is, that you can do a lot of customization. Apart from changing rule thresholds, you can create your own dashboards and reports or you can create your own queries to collect specific metrics from the database which Foglight does not collect.

    Please download a trial version of Foglight and play around with all the features. You will find all trials here:

    I hope that helps.

    Kind Regards