Enable alarms by database group

In our Foglight, we have PROD and NON-PROD database groups.  I want to be able to define alarms as active for PROD and inactive for NON-PROD.  For example ... I want DBSS-Unavailable to be enabled for those SQL instances in the PROD group and be disabled for those SQL instances in the NON-PROD group.  Is there a way to do this?  TIA.

  • Hello,

    you can use the sensitivity levels to get this done. First, you configure the sensitivity level template as needed. Open the DB Administration dashboard and click on "Alarms". Then select the tab "Sensitivity Level" and click on "Define sensitivity levels". There 4 levels: Essential, Normal, Tuning, Performance. By default, each agent has the normal template assigned. Now you can configure one template for NON-PROD and one for PROD and then you can assign the needed template to the agents as needed. You can do that during installation (there is the option to select the template in the installation wizard) and afterwards. If you have already several agents running already, you can select all of them, open the DB Administration dashboard and assign the template to all of them in one step. Once you done the template configuration and assignment, do not forget to click "Save Changes" in the bottom right corner of the dashboard.

    Further information is here.

    Does that help?

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