• need help customizing the file system capacity rule from the infrastructure cartridge

    I been requested to create a customized rule based on the file system capacity rule

    currently this rule monitors all filesystem

    We want to filter out all filesystems related to the OS like /var., /boot,/tmp or /opt for example

    what should I add the this…

  • Foglight Rest API - get alarm notes?

    Hi There,

    Is there a way to get Foglight Alarm notes via a REST API request?

    By looking at the official API reference it doesn't look like it, but hope dies last and maybe I missed something or there is a way to add it via a cartridge or a custom script…

  • Forwarding Alarms Via a Rule and Script

    It appears Foglight for Integrations 5.9.4 (and earlier version) describes the interface as having tabs in "Forwarding Alarms to Third-Party Systems" but such tabs do not exist.  Further, it states a need to have a groovy script counter part but…

  • Is it possible to customize Sensitivity Levels to make them more useful?

    We are the beginning stages of setting the application up as we desire, but there's something a bit frustrating as I mentioned in a reply here: (+) Enable alarms by database group - Forum - Foglight - Quest Community

    While the product ships with 4…

  • Current vs History API calls

    Can someone explain the difference between the result of the current and history alarm api calls?  Is the current alarm api call supposed to display all alarms that are currently displayed in foglight that haven't been acknowledged or cleared?  Is the…

  • Script for purging or clearing alarms prior to last SQL restart date

    Does anyone have a script that either clears or purges alarms prior to the SQL instance's last restart (or up since) date?  It would have to be on a per-instance basis.  For example, let's say SQL1 was restarted 20191127 at 15:00 and SQL2 was restarted…

  • Enable alarms by database group

    In our Foglight, we have PROD and NON-PROD database groups.  I want to be able to define alarms as active for PROD and inactive for NON-PROD.  For example ... I want DBSS-Unavailable to be enabled for those SQL instances in the PROD group and be disabled…

  • Create log graph alert

    Good afternoon everyone I am new to the tool and I request your support since I need to create an alert based on a log graph, what I occupy is to alert when the graph indicates zero value, is this possible?
  • How make virtual standby VM autostart when source VM is shutdowns or crashed?

    Hi Team,

    This is my first post in our quest community. I believe you may understand my query in the subject.

    i have hyper-v standalone server where some VM's are running and i did virtual standby using rapid recovery for one VM

    And i want failover…