Why does a newly copied Rule with a different name not show up in any of the Alarms Settings?

We are trying to configure a basic set of 10 Rules that we'd like to use to begin with but are having trouble with the new Rule showing up anywhere that it could be applied.

I'm hoping we just aren't doing something correctly. 

Everywhere we've read or seen says to make a copy and disable the default Alarm. Check.

Under Rules, we have to change the Cartridge to "Non-Cartridge" for it to show up. All the ones we changed are there with the new format of "DBAP - DBSS -" instead of "DBSS - " (e.g. DBAP - DBSS - Unavailable). The out-of-the-box Rules was disabled.

When going to configure Alarms, whether under "Settings" or "Sensitivity Level" or going through "Configure Alarms" we aren't seeing the newly named copied Alarms.

Are we just doing something wrong?

  • The "Configure Alarms" dashboard only seems to show the rules that are part of the cartridge. In order to edit your newly copied non-cartridge rule, you can go directly to the rule editor rather than the Configure Alarms dashboard.

    Rule editor is at Dashboards, Administration, Rules & Notifications, Rules. 

    Select Non-Cartridge from the dropdown list. Then click on the title of your rule, then View & Edit. In the popup you can edit the thresholds for your rule. In the upper right of the popup, you can access the Rule Editor.

    In the Rule Editor, you can set how the "rule will be applied". The Rule Definition tab defines that scope for the rule. That is, which instances of a TopologyType will the rule act upon. The default is that it will be applied to all instances of a type. You can test the rule scope by click the button with the green check mark. This will show you which instances of the type will be affected by the rule. Again, the default is all instances of the type the rule is scoped to.

    Hope it helps, Aaron.

  • Hi Jason,

    Copies of "out of the box" rules nor custom rules are included in the list of alarms displayed in the database agent alarm panels for sensitivity, configuration, and email notifications. 

    Only the alarms that are delivered with the system would be displayed and configurable in the agent administration (e.g. alarms for SQL Server, Oracle, and DB2 that begin with DBSS, DBO, and DB2 respectively).