Am I correct in assuming that the chart scale in SQL PI (seconds/s) is seconds per session?

  • Not able to configure the SQL PI

    Hi All,

    I am new to foglight, while configuring I got below error,  can you please help me on resolve this issue.

    Failed to enable SQL PI monitoring extension for SQL Agent Test
    Failed to establish connection to SQL PI repository from the FMS. Connection…

  • SQL PI -> Databases tab slow or non-existent information

    I'm trying to use the "Databases" function within the "SQL PI" section.

    Once I get into this, the grid view loads but in most cases, the data columns are either extremely slow to load, or in some cases, never load at all.  I've…

  • TEMP tablespace ran out of space, can SQL PI help?

    Last night the TEMP tablespace maxed out on one of your databases:

    ORA-1652: unable to extend temp segment by 64 in tablespace TEMP

    It almost doubled in size to 8GB in a matter of minutes. I was trying to use SQL PI to find out what happened and if there…

  • DBSS - Instance Availability Rule scope

    Is there a way to scope out the rule DBSS - Instance Availability rule's topology (DBSS_Usability) to look at a particular service builder?


    I attempted DBSS_Usability  where $object within^6 (FSMService where name = "Service Builder Name")…

  • Foglight for sql server ports

    Hello all,

    I want to monitor with Foglight SQL Server with PI.

    Which port i should open from the FGLAM server to my SQL Server?
    I want to monitor the SQL Server and also the OS (Windows server 2012)

    Can you please advise?


    Many thanks! 

  • SQL PI show stored proc parameter

     Hopefully this is an easy question for someone out there.

    Is there a way to show the stored proc parameters being sent to the stored procedures?




    Is there a way to see the paramenter(s) sent to this stored procedure?

    I'm going to continue digging…

  • Can't get SQL PI enabled on a new instance of Foglight

    I'm getting our 5th instance of Foglight set up and SQL PI is proving to be difficult to get running.  I'm going into detail to hopefully answer questions ahead of time.

    My set up: (the specs here are the same on my previous 4 Foglight instances…

  • SQL-PI Statement vs. Batch Executions

    Hi all,

    I'll start off by mentioning I use Foglight in more of a performance troubleshooting and optimization capacity than for straight administration. We've been trying to get a handle on some of the worst queries in our system, but I'm having trouble…

  • SQL PI Performance tree

    I was presented with a question I didn't have an answer to.  Hopefully this will get an answer and not go unanswered.  I think it's fairly basic but I'm still new to the product.


    Does Foglight-SQL PI  record only the stored proc metrics or does…

  • Changing the Blocking minimum duration if SQL PI is enabled.

    I'm a bit confused with how much time must pass with a blocked SPID before Foglight grabs it?

    I'll see something in SQL Server' activity monitor show blocking but on a lot of occasions Foglight' SQL PI won't pick it up.  

    I did some…

  • Foglight for SQL Server with PI What ports should be open?

    Hello All,

    I am preparing new environment for Foglight for SQL Server with PI:

    1 VM for the FMS

    1 VM for FGLAM + PI repository

    1 VM for the Foglight Repository (SQL Server)


    I didn't find any documnt that explain what port should i open from each vm to…

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