• SQL Server's data

    How does SQL Server's data management capabilities support the rigorous compliance and record-keeping requirements when opening a bank account in Dubai?

  • How do you deal with delegating foglight access in your organization?

    We have recently migrated from Quest's Spotlight (for databases) to Foglight (for databases).

    In doing so we have run into a few challenges: The most important of which for us is delegating (non administrative) access.

    Spotlight had a fairly mature…

  • Does AWS RDS SQL SERVER support to file access from EC2 server local path? If it doesn't are there any plans to?

    I would like see is there any option to access the EC2 machine file from RSD SQL Server? Notes: EC2 and RDS were in same VPC. I am using RDS SQL server Standard Edition.

    Can you please help me on this. Thanks in advance!

  • User Defined Collection Not Showing Up

    Attempting to add a UDC on different SQL servers spanning different versions and the query itself will verify correctly, I have set the key and all the types but it still will not appear in the UDC Overview screen.

    The closest error I can find is:


  • Corrective actions triggered from Foglight to address space alarms

    Similar to what's been discussed in this post earlier -  How to configure corrective action against alarm
    I am trying to implement a corrective action triggered via Foglight to auto-remediate SQL server space alarms e.g. increase max size of file and…

  • Has anyone used Foglight to capture CDC events and report on them?

    I'm looking to see if change data capture events can be logged by Foglight and ultimate be reported out to various groups, mainly for auditing purposes.  I'd like to do this for multiple instances that are already being monitored by Foglight.

  • Not able to configure the SQL PI

    Hi All,

    I am new to foglight, while configuring I got below error,  can you please help me on resolve this issue.

    Failed to enable SQL PI monitoring extension for SQL Agent Test
    Failed to establish connection to SQL PI repository from the FMS. Connection…

  • Deadlock investigation

    I recently wrote an inhouse document on how to use Foglight and trace Deadlocks. 

    Long story short, it appears that our Foglight isn't capturing all the deadlocks that are happening on our busiest production server.  I know this because a fellow DBA…

  • LED headlights and Fog Light Install for 2018 touring

    Hey guys,

    I'm planning to upgrade the stock halogens headlights to LEDs because for the looks. Is there a recommended LED blub for the high beams or any will work just fine? I'm also planning on adding fog lights to my Mazda this February and since its…

  • Discrepancy on the hardware requirements for Foglight Management Server

    Maybe I'm missing something, but I'm trying to calculate our hardware requirements for the FMS.

    I've got to think the second example in the walk-through may not be for the Foglight Management Server alone.

    From https://support.quest.com/technical…

  • Has anyone configured Foglight for SQL Server to handle multiple vlans (FTI Compliant, PCI Compliant, No Compliance, etc.)?

    We've investigated a few different ways to handle this but I wanted to see if anyone had already addressed this in their environment. When we spoke to Quest they didn't really have any use cases regarding compliance requirements. I've started reading…

  • looking for a query or report that can give me the aggregate of a group of servers i/o waits


    We have added a new blade to one of our SQL Server Clusters, and it is on a larger FI switch.  I am looking for a way to aggregate  the total i/o waits on a group of servers that are running on that blade.  Does anyone have a query or a way to do this…

  • How to customize a Rule/Alert for missing backup for only system databases

    How do I customize a rule/alert to only alert on user or system databases? Our system databases are only backed up once a week, whereas user databases are daily. I need to adjust the rules/alerts accordingly. 

  • Scope rule to error text

    We have a scanning tool that hits every SQL server with bad logins on a regular basis. this generates Sev 20 errors in the log, which si good. however, I don't really want to deal with a few hundred of these a week from a know source. Is there a way to…

  • DBSS - Instance Availability Rule scope

    Is there a way to scope out the rule DBSS - Instance Availability rule's topology (DBSS_Usability) to look at a particular service builder?


    I attempted DBSS_Usability  where $object within^6 (FSMService where name = "Service Builder Name")…

  • SQL Server session blocking alert - where do I find this?

    I have recently implemented Foglight for MSSQL after using Idera DM for 10 years.  I cannot find a session blocking alert but do see the metric on the Overview screen in the Instance Performance section. 

  • DBSS - Long Running Job exception duration for single job

    Hello All,

    This alarm "DBSS - Long Running Job"  have a global fire threshold for all the jobs.

    I can see that there is an exception in order to exclude specific jobs.

    Does there is a way to make an exception for a single job duration that will…

  • SQL Grant permission script error

    Dear All, 


     We have recently upgraded the  Database cartridge to  We are trying to configure a SQL 2012 DB, when we try to manually execute the Grant permission script  we are receiving the below error.

    msg 207, Level 16, state 1 line 27


  • SQL-PI Statement vs. Batch Executions

    Hi all,

    I'll start off by mentioning I use Foglight in more of a performance troubleshooting and optimization capacity than for straight administration. We've been trying to get a handle on some of the worst queries in our system, but I'm having trouble…

  • Foglight Database Expansion Pack

    Note: Database Expansion Pack download was updated in 2022

    Hello all.  I am pleased to provide the latest release of my Foglight Database Expansion Pack for general use.  Any customer (current or future) is encouraged to install this pack into their Foglight…