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Forwarding address configuration

I'm using the version of GroupWise admin driven batch migration tool.

For some reason the tool is not configuring the forwarding on a migrated mailbox. In the error message I do see errors related to availability of the users I'm accessing the GW environment.

Without forwarding the user mail still delivered to the GW mailbox.

Enabled verbose logging but did not help at all.

Any idea?


  • Thank you for posting to the Migrator for GroupWise (MFG) forum. I understand you are experiencing issues with setting forwarding in GroupWise using MFG. The MFG "Set forwarding from GroupWise to Exchange" function uses the GroupWise Client on the MFG migration server interactively.


    1.) When you run this task, are you seeing the GroupWise Client open at all?

    2.) Is User Account Control (UAC) enabled on the MFG migration server?

    3.) What is the exact version of the GroupWise Client you are using?

    4.) What version of the Windows Operating System are you using on the MFG migration server?

    5.) Is "UseTrustedAPI" set to "1" in the gwmigapp.ini file under the [GroupWise] heading?

    Trevor Taegder
    Senior Technical Support Engineer
    Quest | Support

  • Hello,

    My answers by number:

    1. No, I do not see the GW client at all.
    2. Yes, using registry enableLUA=0
    3. 2012 Sp3 12.0.3 2014.11.16 Build: 118451
    4. Windows 2012 R2
    5. Yes I set it to one and created the key manually The TK= is set to that value.



  • What is strange a bit is the Client for Open Enterprise Server pops up for username and PWD when I run the MGW

    This configuration is a bit special as the users are maintaned in both the Novell Directory and the GW (Separate username PWD) (an ID management solution keeps the pwd in sync).


  • My experience would tell me that open client is getting in the way,  can you remove the open client from the server? 

    What I am I am thinking is the open client is getting hooked for the logon request to the directoy when it would go directly to the Groupwise client. 

  • Did not help! The migrator crashes immediately.

  • Open a support case. That is the next step.