Backup to S3: Is it possible to separate each database into its own folder?

We are moving all of our backups from an internal SAN to AWS S3.

When writing to the SAN we are able to separate each database into it's own folder.  It was clearly a part of the configuration of the backup.

I do not see an equivalent "switch" in the configuration of the S3/Cloud backup.  Is the only option to write all backups to a single "folder"?

Thanks in advance for any confirmation or advice.

  • Hmmm, it seems like I have had the backups run two different ways.

    My backup maintenance plans are automatically creating sub-folders for each database.  (Strangely, I can't actually see the backup files in the S3 browser, but if I attempt to restore from the directory the Litespeed interface does show the backup file.)

    Apparently, maintenance plans creates the backup folders...  I'm still sorting this out... Sorry if I seem like I am back pedaling.

  • Hello Dave,

    In your maintenance plan the option "-CrBkSubDir" will create a directory for each database.

    EXAMPLE (via the UI)

    Hope this helps,


  • -CrBkSubDir doesn't work with cloud backups.

    Instead, you need to use a variable like %DATABASENAME%\ (note the trailing slash) in the backup destination path. This is how we do it. You can see all the variables in the User Guide.

  • Hello Beren,

    It should work with Azure and S3.

    You would have to script it rather than select if from the UI.

    If this parameter did not work for you. What version of Litespeed are you using? And what error is generated (if any)?



  • Hello Beren,

    I ran some quick test here with both 8.8 and 8.9 versions of Litespeed and could not reproduce any failures using that parameter with a Maintenance plan that upload to Azure or S3. Still its possible you ran across a bug I am not familiar with.

    So please, If you would like further help with this issue, feel free to open a support case and reference this community post.