Installing Metalogix Archive Mgr for Windows File server

We purchased the software about 18 months ago with professional services.  Unfortunately after that we were shutdown due to COVID for many months.  Trying to get Metalogix installed so we can archive our Window servers but are having many difficulties.  We keep getting a failed to connect to selected machine regardless of the file server that we select.  Has anyone come across this before?  We are a windows environment.  Archive Mgr is running on a 2019 server and our file servers are Win 2016.  Support has not been able to help.  Just trying to get the software working.

Thanks in advance.

  • Getting a "failed to connect" error is almost always network related, or antivirus related. That being said, when you say "regardless of the file server that we select", select how, specifically? Also, how specifically was support unable to help? You may be able to renew your support contract if that was the reason they couldn't.

  • Hello Strapani, 

    If you purchased the software 18 months ago PSO should have assisted you with all the implementation and configuration. Do you have the ticket number with support that we can take a look at?

  • Support says installs is not their area of expertise.  From within the the Metalogix FA is we add a server to archive, we get the failed connection.  We have tried ussing different ports as well.