How to migrate from Azure SQL server to Sharepoint Online

Hi Support team,

I would like to know if its possible to migrate a content DB from Azure SQL server to sharepoint online? Please advise.


- Bryan Jefferson A. Laberinto

  • Hello,

    Yes this is possible with Content Matrix, and I believe it discusses this it in the performance guide


  • Determine what data needs to be migrated and what the migration timeline will be. Identify any dependencies or potential roadblocks.
    Before starting the migration process, backup all data in the Azure SQL Server to ensure that it can be restored if needed.
    Export data from the Azure SQL Server to a local file system or an on-premises SQL Server. This can be done using the SQL Server Management Studio or other tools.
    Prepare data for migration by cleaning up and consolidating data, identifying any data that may be sensitive or confidential, and ensuring that the data is compatible with SharePoint Online.
    Create a SharePoint Online site and configure it to match the requirements of the Azure SQL Server data.
    Import data into SharePoint Online using tools provided by Microsoft or third-party tools. This may include creating lists, libraries, and other data structures, and mapping fields from the Azure SQL Server to the SharePoint Online site.
    Train users on how to use SharePoint Online and how to access the migrated data.
    Test the migrated data to ensure that it is functioning as expected. Optimize the SharePoint Online site for performance and security.

    Austin Joy

    Azure Migration Services