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Delete User Permissions on unvalidated users

we're trying to delete unvalidated users permissions, but so far have been unable to do so​. the Users Guide states that this can be done here:

but when attempt to select users found from our orphaned user list (another CP job), we get this error:

Thanks in advance for your assistance with this,


Eric Robinson

  • Hi Eric,


    Can you please provide a screenshot or the exact error message that you are getting?





  • Hi Cyrus, Attached is the error we see when looking to run the Delete User Permissions action on ControlPoint. The user is no longer in AD, but the CP user guide states that the job still can be run on unvalidated users. Thanks, Eric Robinson O&M Sharepoint
  • Hi Eric,


    Since the user amy debonis does not exist in AD any longer, please try the following steps -

    1.Try using amy debonis's username

    2. Do not hit resolve

    3. Then select "run now"