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Updating Metalogix Essentials and better Monthly Scheduled backup options


I have 2 questions below, I appreciate any help that can be provided!

1. Is there any plans to make updates to Metalogix Essentials available in the application without requiring a separate download and reinstall. Currently every time a new version comes out, I have to download and reinstall which is wiping out all of my scheduled backups!? This can't be the way it is meant to be? When I click the 'check for updates' button in the tool, it says I have the latest version (even when I do not have the latest version)??

2. Can I request that you create better monthly scheduled backup options besides the current offering (which only lets you select a specific # day for every month). It would be great if you could add the option to select the 'First Sunday', 'Second Sunday', 'Third Sunday', 'Fourth Sunday' of a month instead. This provides much more structure in a backup schedule instead of the current offering (the 15th of every month which will always be a different day each month). Is there any way to get a backup to run on the First Sunday, Second Sunday, etc... using the current options?

  • Hello again, doesn't seem like anyone responds to questions here.

    Figured I would share an update on what I have found out by playing around myself.

    1. I downloaded and installed the latest 2.16 version and it installed to a new folder location (Program files / Quest instead of the old Program Files / Megalogix). However this time it did keep all of my backup jobs in the backup navigator. I still have to re-setup each of the scheduled backups since those use a cmd that references the old Program Files / Metalogix however that shouldn't be a problem with future updates since they will all use Program Files / Quest going forward.

    2. For the better monthly scheduled backups option, I found the following. When you create a monthly scheduled backup thru the tool, it only lets you select 1 date per month. However it then creates a task in Windows Task Scheduler that runs a cmd file which starts the backup. So I went into the task properties of Windows Task Scheduler and was able to select the '1st Sunday' of each month as I desire. While I haven't been able to test and verify this works, I believe it will since it is just calling the cmd file using Windows Task Scheduler. Figured I would share in case others had this desire (will update if it works).

    Now I'm getting a separate issue that I will create a support ticket for (since it appears no one responds here).
    Out of no where, one of my backup jobs now gives errors when I try to expand it in the Backup Navigator. This is scary since it seems like it corrupted the entire backup job, meaning I can't access or restore any content from the entire backup job. Really hoping there is an easy fix for this and I don't lose all this backup content and have to create a new backup job and start over... thankfully I can browse the backup data directly in Azure Storage Explorer if needed but still scary that I can't use the Essentials tool to access all the backups for this job anymore!

    Here is the error I get, but I will open a support ticket and update this post with a comment for other users to see in the future:

    Error loading site data: Tree element '/Archive folder name/futures/-ff69ba92-43d3-3bdb-8f94-b3028c249d6a-' not found.

  • Hello Kevin,

    First I want to apologize for the late reply. There have been some issues with the integration of Metalogix into Quest.

    To answer your questions.

    1. When there was an update from version 2.1.4 to 2.1.5, it was required to perform an uninstall and then a re-install in order to update to 2.1.5. There was also a need to uninstall and re-install when updating to 2.1.6 as the infrastructure of the software was changed to align better with Quest products.  Once you have updated to version 2.1.6 you should not need to uninstall and then re-install again. Updating to 2.1.6 did have some significant changes to backup. While you can import your old backups and restore from them, the old backups will no longer work and you will need to recreate your backup schedule to take advantage of the new backup functionality.

    2. For the backup schedule, it is possible to edit the schedule in the Windows Task Scheduler. In the Task Scheduler library, any scheduled tasks that were created with Essentials will appear in the "Architect Tasks" library. You can edit the backup scheduled task, go to the "Triggers" tab and then edit the trigger for the task. Select the "Monthly" radio button, and then the "On" radio button. In the dropdowns next to On: you can select which day of the month you wish your scheduled task to run, as well as any other scheduling settings you wish.

    I hope this answers your questions.