Confilct error I am trying to understand


I am trying to understand this error that I am having and I cannot seem to get an answer

This eaht I get from the html log

CN=Begin,OU=Groupes,OU=FCDQ,DC=campus,DC=desjardins,DC=com  group Error 0xa910007d. SID 0105000000000005150000007224B77C117346776611420EE9320000 has conflict(s) on target and will not be added to sIDHistory (source objectGUID: 1A59ED9F3AA87E4BAFECF0C62160000C, target objectGUID: 73518482C9393D408200791375DD3B12, conflict(s): CN=FCDQ_Begin,OU=Groupes,OU=FCDQ,OU=ObjetsRepliques,OU=Desjardins,DC=mvt,DC=desjardins,DC=com).

I am trying to merge the mentioned group:

1-Matching is by samaccountname

2-I am using an import file to match the group

3-I skip all attributes except for the members attribute

Why is it telling me I have a confilct ?