Granular SIDHistory CleanUp

Hello community,

I am helping a client consolidate their AD infrastructure (many to 3 AD). I being researching a way to do a granular cleanup of the sidhistory on the traget domain.

Since I am migrating multiple source domains onto 3 target domains, some of the target objects (user-groups) have multiple sIDHistory.

There is a way to clean it up with the ADPW option. But that option will clean all the SIDHistory on the target right ?

Is there a way to only cleanup a single sidhistory and leave the other intact ? is that even possible ?

Ex: I have a user account that have 3 sIDHistory from 3 different source domains (SidhistoryA,SidhistoryB,SidhistoryC). We are closing Domain A. I need to delete only sidhistoryA on the target domain